+ What qualifications do guides have?

  • Guides are over the age of 21 and have extensive experience and competence with back-country travel.

  • Guides will have functioned in such a role with another outfitter and/or have participated in WayForward's two-week guide training program to thoroughly cover hard skills (navigation, safety, cooking) and soft skills (content, counseling, group dynamics).

  • Guides have prior knowledge of the trek’s destination or will review a route’s itinerary with Guide Team Leader, including topo maps, route, camping sites and route specific instructions.

  • Guides maintain compliance with Leave No Trace ethics.

  • Guides are certified in Wilderness First Aid (or higher) and CPR.

+ Is this only for Christians?

No, but every trip does include spiritual content.

+ What curriculum is used on trail?

Guides lead groups through life stories and Bible studies. Each trip takes on a unique personality of its own, but the basic format remains the same .

+ Is a WayForward trip for guys only?

No. Trips may be all male, all female, or co-ed.

+ Do I need to have any prior experience?

No. Most of the people we take on a WayForward trip are putting on a backpack for the very first time. We will teach you everything you need to know for a successful trip.

+ Do you adjust the difficulty of the trail based on the participants?

The trail and pace can be adjusted to fit the needs of the group. The guides are well trained and experienced at making decisions that will most benefit the group.

+ Will there be any rock climbing?

No. Rock climbing is not a part of the experience.

+ How bad are the bugs?

Mosquitos and flies can be present on the trail, especially at lower elevations near water. We recommend that you bring bug spray, especially if you are one of the select few with sweet skin that is attractive to the bugs.

+ What do I need to pack?

You will need to bring clothing that includes hiking clothes and warm layers, boots, and a rain jacket. You can download the packinglist here.

+ What if I have special dietary needs?

Please contact us in advance with any dietary needs. We will accommodate those who have dietary needs, but will not alter the menu for dietary preferences.

+ Can I go if i'm pregnant?

Please ask your doctor.

+ What does WAyForward provide on a trip?

  • First Day Lunch and Celebration Dinner at base camp

  • All meals on the trail

  • All backpacking gear. You provide your own clothing, boots and rain jacket. We will provide a detailed packing list for you.

  • Final night of lodging after Celebration Dinner

+ Do you offer trips in non-summer months?

At this time we only operate from May-August.

+ I have never been camping at all. Will that be a problem? Will I be holding back other participants?

No. Camping or backpacking is not a prerequisite and you will not hold the group back. Part of the experience is working together as a group throughout the week. The most physically fit at home are not always the best hikers, and vice versa.

+ What is physically required on the trip?

There is no minimum physical ability to complete a week on the trail. Trips can be modified to suit the abilities of the group. All that is required is good health, which means your doctor would approve of you going for a 6 day walk at altitude.

+ How hard is this, really?

After taking hundreds of people on the trail, we are confident of this: everyone can make it, but everyone will struggle. It is uncomfortable and hard at times, yet the reward is worth the price.

+ How are medical emergencies addressed?

WayForward guides are medically trained for wilderness emergency scenarios. Based on the severity of the situation, your guide(s) will handle it accordingly.

+ Are the dates flexible?

Alternative dates from those on our website may be reserved, if available. Trips may also be extended if desired. Please contact us with your preferences.

+ Do I have to create my own trip with friends, or do you have existing trips that I can join on my own?

We recommend that you create a group with your friends. We believe the impact of the experience is greater and more sustained when you arrive, hike, and go home with the group. However, we will have open sign up weeks available as well. Those weeks will only become actual trips once six participants have registered.

+ What if I can't afford to pay it all at once? Are payment avaliable? Are scholarships avaliable?

Each trip fee is broken down into three payments. Should more payments be necessary, please ask and we will try to accommodate. Financial aid is available through our form. Click here for more info.

+ What is your refund policy?

Due to the limited number of trips offered per season and number of participants per trip, all payments made are non refundable. WayForward reserves the right to issue refunds for extenuating circumstances regarding trip cancellations at its discretion. A trip must be at it’s maximum capacity before a refund would be considered. In the event that a refund is not issued, all monies will go towards trip scholarships. As a result, your original payments will make a WayForward trip a possibility for someone else. A charitable contribution receipt will be provided.