Dates: May 11 - August 12

The heart and soul of a WayForward trip are the guides that lead each journey. Each trip is led by two guides who provide navigation, spiritual content and medical safety for the group.

WayForward hires Veteran Guides as well as Base Camp Guides.

Veteran Guides must have 2+ years of experience as a backpacking guide, be at least 23 years old and have a current Wilderness First Aid certification or higher. Veteran Guides have the opportunity of coming to serve at WayForward for 1+ trips throughout the summer.  

Base Camp Guides will serve with WayForward all summer and will fulfill a role at base camp when not on trail. Guides 21 and over bringing in previous experience have the opportunity to be awarded a position as “lead guide” which comes with additional responsibilities and benefits. Applicants that have no previous experience will be trained by WayForward Adventures and will get all necessary certifications.  

Base Camp guides will be assigned various roles (listed below) at base camp to fulfill when not on trail.

Gear Manager + Transportation  
The Gear + Transportation Manager is in charge of maintaining, organizing and cleaning all gear. They will keep track of inventory, help with gear repairs, and set out packing stations the morning of the trip. They will also be responsible for all trips getting to and from the trailhead, and oversee all maintenance and upkeep of camp vehicles. 

 Assistant Cook
This role will help the Head Cook in with daily food prep, cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping.

 Assistant Food Packer
This role will help the Food Packer with buying, prepping and packaging all food that goes on trail.

Assistant Guest Services
This role will assist Guest Services Staff in providing a 5 star experience to clients during their stay at the WayForward Lodge. This includes preparing rooms, cleaning facilities, and helping maintain the WayForward Store.

Apply here to be a WayForward Guide.