Gear Sale Product Overview

Hey Friends,

Have you been bouncing around the idea of getting out and doing a little camping/hiking more often, but don't really have the gear you need to do so? Good news! WayForward is selling some of our gently used gear. 

You get gear at up to 50% off retail price and WayForward gets to continue to upgrade gear to increase the impact of the company. It's a win-win! We are encouraging others to love the outdoors while keeping our gear fresh! (WayForward's goal is to maintain a high level of excellence in everything we do, including keeping gear less than two years old.)

Please see below the items that are available. Each piece is in good working shape, but does have some minimal signs of wear. We rotate our gear throughout the summer, so it is likely it has been used on 6-8 trips, at the most 13 trips.

Thanks for your partnership in the mission!


osprey 65.jpeg



The following backpacks will be sold at the gear sale:

  • Osprey 75 L

Sleeping Bag Lamina Z.jpg


The following Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags will be sold at the gear sale:

Tent Optic 25.jpg




The following tent will be sold at the gear sale:



  • Pack Cover

  • Crazy Creeks

  • Dry Sacks

  • Sleeping Bag Liners

  • Tarps

  • Naglenes

  • Two-Cups

  • & More!

All gear is sold on a first come basis. Payments can be made with credit card, check or cash.

*All gear has been washed from summer use.

**Important Note** WayForward does not offer discounts on trips for people that bring their own gear. If you are hoping to purchase your own gear for that reason, we wanted to be up front with our policy.