A WayForward trip is a week-long camping adventure in the Rocky Mountains. Participants will rely only on the items carried on their backs and the support of their fellow participants to conquer the challenges. Guides will accompany the group for the entire week ensuring their physical safety and navigating the group through the wilderness and WayForward’s unique personal development curriculum. The curriculum consists of independent readings, personal reflection and group discussions focused on personal vision, values and leadership. This is accomplished through the lens of a relationship with God.

The PURPOSE for every person that arrives at WayForward:

1)    Discovery – Finding out who God has made us to be.

2)    Depth – Deepening our relationships with Christ and others.

WayForward participants will be welcomed into an environment that celebrates excellence in facilities, appearance, food, service and quality of experience. Space will be given every day for participants to: 1) hear from God and 2) be challenged & equipped to live out what God intends for them. Central to our purpose is that participants will experience true life and be spurred on towards living it out more faithfully at home.

Three CORE VALUES WayForward will stay committed to:

1)    Scripture – We will teach, learn and make decisions based on God’s Word.

2)    Adventure – Everyone who participates in a WayForward trip will go on adventures.

3)    Community – Designed to live together, we will promote Christ-like community.


Participants will experience 6 days on the trail. Each group will arrive Sunday morning to basecamp, meet their guides and eat lunch together. When all the gear is packed, groups will drive to the trailhead and begin their trek.

They will spend 5 nights on the trail, setting up camp each day in a new spot, covering 3-10 miles per day. Depending on the logistics of the route, swimming, rock climbing, peak climb or whiffle ball in the mountains can be incorporated into the day.  Groups will be picked up on Friday at lunch time. Back at camp, they will shower up and be given the opportunity to close the week as a group.

WayForward Adventure Trips are designed to serve college students, parents and their kids, singles ministries, couples, Crossfit gyms, college ministries and young adults serving in Christian organizations (i.e. Young Life, Cru, Student Mobilization, etc.)