Top 5 Reasons to Work With WayForward This Summer

1. Serve in a purposeful community of believers and be known and loved by the people around you.

"I became an Intern because I loved the idea of getting to serve others with a team of awesome people that were serious about being part of the Lord's work." - Hannah Tessaro, 2016 Intern 

2. Be part of God changing lives on trail. 

"You get to experience a lot of cool change in the lives of the people you get to guide and the people you get to work beside at Base Camp." - Reed Bartley, 2017 Intern 

3. Be challenged and refined. 

"The area I grew the most as a summer intern was my perspective on serving. I found that the Lord does not want us to serve men, but rather serve Him as a living sacrifice. Roman 12:1 helped me throughout my time with WayForward." - Layne Allison, 2017 Intern 

4. Live in the mountains all summer. 

"It was incredible being out in God's creation over the summer. It is a constant reminder of His beauty, majesty and goodness." - Elijah McKinney, 2016 and 2017 Intern 

5. Use your gifts to contribute to a growing ministry. 

"I loved getting to come in with my unique gifts and experiences and use them to grow and benefit this ministry. I think I have the gifts of service and worship and really loved seeing how they grew and blessed WayForward throughout the summer months." - Hope Slack, 2017 Intern