The Big Man's Big Plan. He desires to use His people to reach more people. It brings him glory and brings us satisfaction.

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One of the primary items in the WayForward office is a magnet board. Anyone that has expressed interest in organizing a backpacking trip or anyone we believe would be a great organizer has their name on a magnet on the board. When they progress towards booking a trip, we move their name over to the right. Why do we have this board??? It is our prayer board. Every week we pray, like actually talk out loud to God, for these people. 

We believe that God wants to use His people to reach others. It takes ONE PERSON to catch a vision for deeper community, deeper conversations and deeper purpose. That is what a WayForward Trip Organizer does. We pray that doors would open and schedules would align for this to happen. When it does...God uses a few days in the mountains to change lives.

Who does God want you to reach with your life?

Should your name be on this board?