I Needed This

Nearly 600 people have hiked, slept and climbed on a WayForward trip.

When they arrive back at base camp we get the fresh, off the trail, perspective. The experiences rock, the lessons are refreshing, and the smell of their underarms is... alright. The one statement I hear more than anything else is "I needed this." 

It doesn't matter our age or gender, our hearts share a common desire to be still and present with God. We live in a world that is growing busier by the day. The neglect of our souls thirst for rest cannot be ignored without consequences.

How is it that someone can hike for five days, spend the night on the ground and feel rested at the end of the week?

 Rest is a heart issue not a physical one.

When distractions and busyness are removed, the desires of our heart can finally be heard.