The Cost of Obedience

“I would consider it a joy if I caused my family to suffer for the sake of the gospel” - Mark Young

I remember vividly when Dr. Mark Young made that statement in my World Missions class at DTS. As a spouse or parent, we have a dilemma when it comes to obedience. For me to obey, it may cause suffering in the life of my wife or family...and the opposite is true as well. But in the long run, am I trying to create a suffering avoidance lifestyle or an obedient one? What if I am wrong, does that hurt my status as a leader?

We might not be fully sure of a decision, but God calls us to step out in faith. There is a process of listening, obeying and evaluating that must be refined throughout the life of a believer. I must be willing to suffer for the people and places that God calls my family or friends to go to, and I must have the courage to do the same when I am called.

We live for the sake of the gospel...not our own comfort.

The mere act of attempted obedience is a better risk than a fear of the suffering that obedience might cause.

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