A True Partnership

“CrossFit Richardson & WayForward Adventures...two organizations, one shared mission.”

It began in 2008, John Marshall took a leap of faith and started a CrossFit gym in Richardson. Just months after it opened, Todd Pinkston walked into the gym. Tired of the big box gym and looking for something more engaging, John had the perfect thing for Todd. The relationship grew as the gym did. While Todd quickly lost his spot on the CFR leaderboard, he gained something much better: a true partnership with John. The duo started a CFR Men's Bible Study a few years later. John had always viewed the gym as his ministry to the community and now he could invite his members to explore their faith in Christ together.

In 2013, they decided to take this group of guys on a backpacking trip in the Rockies. Todd teamed up with Alex Knoop to guide the trip. Before they ever stepped foot on the trail, Bill Strahan asked a question that would change the future of this partnership..."If money wasn't an issue and you could start a non-profit to change the world, what would it be?"

"I would do this" Todd answered without thinking. It was his dream to provide a first class adventure experience to adults.

Just a few months after that trip, WayForward Adventures was started.

John and Todd still carry the vision of impacting their community together. From the first 10 guys to over 360 now, they continually dream about getting further out of the concrete jungle and into the mountains to explore who God has created them to be. When they come home as the best version of themselves, it changes the way they live.