The Joy of Being Found

I love playing hide and seek with my daughter. She's not old enough to find good hiding spots, but she's old enough to reveal the true desires of our be found.
It goes like this. 
Hadley-Daddy, you count to ten and I'll go hide.
Todd-Ok. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7..8...9...10...Ready or not, here I come.

T-Oh man, I can't find Hadley anywhere. I wonder if she is behind the couch. Is she behind the couch?
H- NO!
T-I wonder if she is under the table. Is she under the table?
T-I can't find her anywhere. Where could she be?
H-Daddy, I'm in my bed, come find me!

She doesn't want to hide, she want to be found!

Ever since Genesis 3, we've all been hiding from God. We're ashamed of our dirty hearts, filthy thoughts and terrible actions. We wish hiding will solve the problem, but we know it won't. We don't want to hide, we want to be found! We want to have someone that loves us so much that they are willing to look everywhere for us and FIND us!

There is great news, God wants to find us. He desperately wants to know us. He knows our hearts because he created them. He knows all that we are capable of and it doesn't scare him off. He wants to know us and be known by us.

When you get away from "normal" life and step out on the trail. There is something that allows us come out with our junk and share the real us with the group. It is an incredibly freeing experience and feel like we are being found all over again by our dad! 

No need to hide any longer...the joy is in being found...and LOVED!