One of the latest trends in the outdoor industry is camping style hammocks. They are compact, light and can enhance the trail experience. After testing serval hammocks on the market, I believe I have landed on the best: THE KAMMOK ROO.

The Roo is superior for three simple reasons:

  1. The Material: The Kammok Roo is made of the most durable material, in the best colors and with the highest weight rating for a single person hammock. The fabric does not bind up like other brands and create high tension spots. It is a light weight and durable material. It withstands rips, which is important as you pack and unpack it daily. The hammock can blow around in the wind and not be harmed.
  2. The Set Up: The Python Straps that are made by Kammok are the easiest straps on the market to use. They have a variety of built in loops to clip your hammock into that give you the adjustablity you need on the fly. The loops are within the straps, not dangling off like other brands. They are made from strong material with great stitching. 
  3. The Company: The folks at Kammok are motivated by impact, not by profit. Their customer service is out of this world. They stand behind their products and are exciting about changing the world. I have developed a great friendship with them and this is the reason we have decided to carry Kammok in the WayForward store. They are giving money back to great organizations and using their influence for good in the world.

Conclusion: Go and get a Kammok Roo!