4 Ways John 4 will change your life

The woman at the well...well, we've all read it.
Healing the official's son...fancy that Jesus heals from afar.

NOT SO FAST. These passages are packed with way more than what comes at first glance. Remember, John (the author) wrote this book nearly 60 years after Jesus died and the early church had been established. Think of your grandpa writing you a book to pass on the essentials of life. John wants to pass on the ESSENTIALS of our faith.

Here are Four Truths of God we find in John 4 that should change our thinking:

  1. Disqualified physical...but qualified spiritually
    This women should be disqualified for acceptance by God from all outward signs. She is a Samaritan and a low one at that; she has to get her water in the middle of the day. She has had 5 husbands and now living with a guy that she's not married to. But does this matter to Jesus, NO. He brings LIFE and it satisfies the longing of our hearts like water to our mouths, but it never ends. No one is disqualified from this spiritual gift!
  2. God's will is more internal than external
    Even the disciples think in external terms first, "Jesus, you need some food." But to Jesus, the food of his soul is doing the will of the Father. When are we going to stop worrying so much about the physical and start seeing life through God's eyes with spiritual lenses?
  3. Tell the dang story
    The women encounters Jesus and tells her community about it...and they believe. The official encounters Jesus and tell his servants about it...and his whole household believes. We get to reap the harvest that we have not sowed. This is the greatest gift on this side of Heaven. 
  4. Paradigm shift of FAITH
    The official comes to Jesus and tells Jesus how he wants his son healed, "Come & Heal." Jesus rebukes this formula because it requires confirmation before belief. He tells him "GO & your son will be healed." This is the first view of genuine faith that we get in this miracle, believing prior to seeing. God wants us to believe...then see.
  • Have you ever felt like you actions have disqualified you from God's love? Stop, that's not a biblical idea.
  • Are you focusing on the external stuff in hopes that it will satisfy you internally? Stop, that's a backwards idea that man made up.
  • Does your life feel lacking in joy & blessing? Tell people about Jesus. It will remind you of your greatest joy and provide someone else with the chance to encounter that for themselves.
  • Are you limiting your belief to only what you can see? Take a risk. God wants to show you amazing things, but he might be asking you to take steps (maybe a lot of them) of faith before he will confirm with sight.