17 Trips...ONE Mission

Summer 2016 is just six weeks away! 17 trips are booked, 19 guides are lined up, 3 interns with be with us all summer, 2 locations will serve as base camp and 1 Mission will guide every day...helping people find their Calling and LIVE their Calling.

In a world that is full of busyness and distractions, it is a daily battle to live out who God has created us to be. We step in to provide a much needed break from the action and guide people into the questions that really matter. Not only has this been a breath of fresh air for the men and women who have said yes to the adventure, but an experience they have shared with their friends.

Many groups have gone from one to two trips in 12 months and all of the trips have been promoted solely by word of mouth. What does this tell us...there is a need for a renewed perspective. As Mark Batterson says, "when we change our pace and we change our place, we get to change our perspective."

We invite you to join with us in praying for safe and impactful trips this summer. Every one of the 170+ people that go on the trail represent families, friends and companies that will be impacted by their transformation. It is not a ripple effect (one time event), but a wake effect that creates the most impact. May the lives of everyone who goes on the trail be different and creating a daily wake that impacts those in their life.

You can find a full list of who is going on the trail here.

You can follow our summer updates by checking out the WayForward blog

Thanks for your support.