BE in a DO world

We live in a world that judges success on what you can much you make, what degree you have, how much you can get done in a week, etc. 

God doesn't so much care about what you can DO for him, but who you can BE

When Jesus gathered his disciples into the upper room he had a very simple message to tell them. He is about to be arrested, the lives of the disciples are about to be flipped upside down, everything they've been doing for the last three years is going to seem in vain. Jesus gives them the simple instruction...REMAIN IN ME.

He does not give them the '5 tips for surviving difficult times' or some catchy slogan on what to do when your leader is murdered. He tells them to remain, to stay BE connected to him. 

THEN---we will bear fruit. This fruit brings God glory (what he wants) and us joy (what we want).

It is all laid out in John 15.

It is so simple, but so easy to forget.