2015 ::: A Summer to Remember

2015 is in the books, and it was an amazing summer. 

5 Base Camp Locations, 3734 miles traveled, 122 lives impacted!

The mountains have a way of changing us. The adventure opens up the door to internal discovery. Combined with Bible study and vulnerable community, it is a recipe for life change. When one has discovered who they are at their core, it sets them up for a life of impact! 

"The mountaintop is not meant to teach us anything, it is meant to make us something." -Oswald Chambers

This summer was nothing short of amazing. God worked on and through the trail to empower men and women to live out who they have been created to be. 

Below are some quotes from the 2015 summer trips.

“This provided me an opportunity to step back and reevaluate life.”
”This trip was life changing for me.”
“My wife said I came home as the best version of me she has ever known.”

”It completely changed my heart... I feel like a whole new person.”

”This was the most vulnerable I’ve ever been and it was very freeing.”
“I’m ready to leave behind my last four years and have a real relationship with God.”

”People cared about me enough to hear my story and pray for me.”

”I felt loved by God and others on this trip.”

The impact does not stop as the summer comes to an end and it doesn't stay in the mountains. These folks left the mountains and reentered life as different men, women, dads, moms, spouses and friends. Marriages are changed...Generations are changed...Workplaces are changed.

Thank you for making that possible!
The WayForward Team