Base Camp staff

"Base Camp creates a space where transformation can occur."


Dates: May 11 - August 12

If you want to make a lasting impact with your summer months, look no further than WayForward Adventures. Serving on Base Camp Staff will give you the opportunity to grow personally and spiritually, while helping develop an organization that is impacting the world. You will be surrounded with community and learn about living a life of purpose.    

Base Camp Staff will serve as leaders at base camp and will take ownership in one of the areas described below. You will handle all the logistics and daily operations in your area as well as managing staff under you. 


Base camp cook

Base Camp Cook will be responsible for weekly meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking. This will include meals for staff, clients and guests at base camp.

trail Food Packer

Trail Food packers will oversee all food that goes out on the trail with participants. They will be responsible for planning meals, grocery shopping, and prepping/packing food for the trail 3-5 days in advance 

Mascot Wrangler + Support Staff

Our WayForward Mascot Wranglers are responsible for making sure that any kids at Base Camp are supervised, safe, and taken care of. They will also be managing all the laundry at Base Camp.

Guest Services

Guest Services will oversee the entire client experience at base camp and will make sure the presentation of all cabins uphold the WayForward standard of excellence. Guest Services will also manage, organize and restock the merchandise store.


The Groundskeeper will be responsible for performing ongoing landscaping and Lodge tasks, as well as routine maintenance of all WayForward property.

Apply here for Summer 2020 Base Camp Staff.