WayForward Adventures Fellowship Program

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Looking to develop your personal, professional and spiritual growth? The WayForward Adventures Fellowship program will do just that. In fifteen months, you will get the opportunity to see and work in all aspects of a young, fast growing and highly motivated non-profit. This is not your average coffee-fetching, copy-making internship. This experience will be extremely rewarding because it will demand a lot of you. If you buy into the the program, you will see incredible growth:

  • Personally: How can I live out who God has created me to be in my 9-5 pm job? We answer that question every day as we seek to learn more about ourselves and more about how we flesh out our purpose. This is done best in a trusted team of peers that stacks hands on the mission of the group publicly and privately.

  • Professionally: As you work in teams, you will be given responsibilities that matter and have a seat at the table to developing the vision for the future. You will also be given the opportunity to be in leadership roles delivering on that vision.

  • Spiritually: Our individual transformation is the greatest gift we bring to our work & relationships. We believe this and build in time to seek spiritual growth.

  • This program will prepare you to lead others and solve problems outside of your area of expertise. 

  • If you take one year to invest in yourself through the WayForward Fellowship, you will reap the rewards for years to come.

Fellows will be part of WayForward Adventures for 15 months total following the schedule below.

Summer 1: Serve as Guide or on Base Camp Staff

Off Season: September-May in Dallas (20 hours / week)

Summer 2: Serve as Guide or on Base Camp Staff

This program is for those seeking both ministry experience and knowledge of how a non-profit operates. WayForward is looking for individuals to serve in this role that align with our core values of scripture, adventure and community along with having an eagerness to learn and serve.

Apply here for the Adventure Fellowship!

Please email grayson@wayforwardadventures.com if you have any questions!