Summer Internships

"Base Camp creates a space where transformation can occur." 

If you want to make a lasting impact with your summer months, look no further than WayForward Adventures. As a Full Summer or Half Summer Intern, you'll have the opportunity grow personally and spiritually, while helping develop an organization that is impacting the world. You will be surrounded with community and learn about living a life of purpose.  

WayForward offers both paid and volunteer positions to those who have completed at least one year of college. You will serve in one or more of the positions described below.


Base Camp Cook

Base camp cooks will be responsible for weekly meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking. This will include meals for base camp staff as wells as guests’ meals while at base camp. 

Food Packer

Food packers will oversee all food that goes out on the trail with participants. They will be responsible for planning meals, grocery shopping, and prepping/packing food for the trail 3-5 days in advance. 

gear Manager + Media 

The gear manager is in charge of maintaining, organizing and cleaning all gear. They will keep track of inventory and do gear repairs, as well as set out packing stations the morning of the trip hitting the trail. 

Media responsibilities will include organizing/prepping all photography and videography that comes off the trail with each trip. They will create slideshows and videos for Celebration Dinner as well as keep up with all social media throughout the summer. 

trailhead Driver 

Trailhead driver will be responsible for all trips getting to and from the trailhead. They will also oversee all maintenance and upkeep of camp vehicles. 

Guest Services + WFA Mascot Wrangler

Guest Services staff will ensure that our guests have the best experience possible at base camp. They will oversee the upkeep and presentation of guest cabins, welcome and celebration agenda, and merchandise store. 

Our WayForward Mascot Wrangler is responsible for making sure that any kids at Base Camp are supervised, safe, and taken care of. 

If you would like to Intern with WayForward Adventures get here started here