5 Excuses That Should Never Keep You off the Trail

1. "I don’t have enough time"

While being busy is a very real thing for all of us, waiting for an opportune time where everything frees up is unrealistic. C.S. Lewis stated in his essay Learning in War-Time, "If we let ourselves, we shall always be waiting for some distraction or other to end before we can really get down to our work. The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavorable. Favorable conditions never come". Most of the time we do not think we have enough time simply because we prioritize our time towards other things we believe are more important.

2. "I don’t have enough money"

If you truly desire to go on a trip and money is the only thing stopping you, we don't want it to stop you! That's why we have payment plans and scholarships. We believe this trip is valuable for everyone. If there is a strong desire but an inability to finance the trip, then let's find time for an individual conversation.

3. "I’m not fit enough"

If your doctor clears you for this kind of trip, you are fit enough. We've had people from every level of fitness embark on this adventure. While we cannot promise it will be easy, we believe you are fully capable of a trip this summer.

4. "I don’t want to leave my kids"

Leaving kids can be extremely difficult, but becoming a better father and mother to those kids is worth it. Laura Rhoades commented the trail "has helped me be a better mom," and Adam Anderly explained his trip "brought me back a better man, a better husband and a better father." This trip is not just for you, but it's for the people around you as well (especially your kids!).

5. "I’ll go next year for sure"

Who knows what will happen next year! As explained in number one, there is rarely an opportune time where your life forms the perfect conditions for you to do something like this. There's no better time than the present. Why wait next year when God might be calling you out to the trail now?

Big News from WayForward Adventures!

With only 14 days before our first trip, we are so excited to share some big news with you about how God has answered a prayer with big implications for the future (see video below)!

Quick summary: WayForward has been granted long term / priority-use permits in Southwest Colorado! This means 2900 user days, potential for 60 trips a summer, and grateful hearts for everyone who is on this journey with us.

The Wilderness...Is it really necessary?

We run to comforts, not away from them. Why would we, or why should we proactively seek out times of less comfort?

God has done His greatest teaching, since the beginning of time, through time spent in the Wilderness. As Charles Spurgeon put it, "The wilderness was the Oxford and Cambridge for God’s students. There they went to the University, and He taught and trained them."

When the comforts of life are stripped away, the real us has a way of rising to the surface. Then, and only then, can we evaluate who or what we have placed as #1 in our life. If it is not God, we get to realign our priorities and place Him back on the throne. When we can pass the Wilderness test as Jesus did, then we can stop going back.

“Yet comfort’s golden age has a hidden dark side. While we can imagine what a difficult environment might feel like, very few of us routinely experience the stresses of our forebears. With no challenge to overcome, frontier to press, or threat to flee from, the humans of this millennium are overstuffed, overheated, and under-stimulated. The struggles of us privileged denizens of the developed world - getting a job, funding a retirement, getting kids into a good school, posting the right social media update - pale in comparison to the daily threats of death or deprivation that our ancestors faced. Despite this apparent victory, success over the natural world hasn’t made our bodies stronger. Quite the opposite, in fact: Effortless comfort has mad us fat, lazy, and increasingly in ill health.”
— Scott Carney

God desires for our lives to be solely focused on Him. He wants to help us rid our lives of those things that are not of Him. We get to choose whether we want to actively engage in this process or run from it until we run out of options. 

The Wilderness is necessary. It has been necessary since the beginning. It remains necessary. 

A Mom of Four Who Said Yes

“I said yes – despite the time away from my kids – because through prayer and discussion with my husband and friends, I felt God saying I could go and it would be okay.”
— Andrea Jones (AJ), CrossFit Richardson Women

Give us a backstory to who you are (i.e., a small life story).

I was born in Illinois, but as a baby I moved to Garland, Texas when my parents separated. My mom was a single mom doing her best to raise us. Spiritually, I never learned about God or the Bible growing up, and I didn't go to church. I first heard about who Jesus was from my best friend's mom. I went to church with them whenever I was with them, which was often. I got saved there when I was probably around 11 years old, but I didn't live my life for Christ. Later after high school I met my husband and we have four kids together now. Neither of us was walking with Christ, but I started going to church once the kids came because I knew I wanted them to know Christ. After kid number four, my husband got saved and we started pursuing Christ in our marriage and our life. Now we are involved in church and have friends and community to help us walk through life in Christ.

How you were presented with the opportunity to go on a WayForward trip?

Well, the first time I heard about a WayForward trip was at my gym, and there was a men's group that had gone before. I heard how great it was, life changing even. The following year, Becky Strahan - a friend of mine - told me she was putting together a girl’s trip from the gym and asked if I wanted to go, and I was like "yes I'm in!"

What was the struggle (if any) as a mother to leave your home and go on a WayForward trip?

Some obstacles that immediately came to mind was the cost, the length of time away from my kids, and my physical ability to do a hike in Colorado with a heavy backpack.

What motivated you to say yes to a WayForward trip despite these perceived struggles?

I said yes despite these struggles, because through prayer and discussion with my husband and friends, I felt God saying I could go and it would be okay. My husband was surprisingly willing to keep the kids and care for them while I was gone, and honestly he is perfectly capable to do so, even if it's not how I would do it. Wayforward worked with me to get the payment done over monthly payments, so that was no longer an excuse. Also when I went to an information night which was hosted, I found out many people said that the group goes at a pace that is needed and best for everyone, so my physical ability was no longer an issue.

What was the realization, epiphany, hope, or takeaway you received?

My hope was to grow closer in my walk with Christ, but I got so much more than that! The time away from all the distractions of life - being a mom of four, being a wife - were gone and I could just focus on God's call for my heart back home. I was able to listen to what God was saying that I needed in my life to grow and be useful for His purposes and glory. Not to mention, new friendships were deepened in a way only this kind of trip could do.

What would you tell someone who was in similar shoes to you if they were considering a WayForward trip?

I would tell them that God will work out the details and that HE wants them to go and get away from all the distractions. He wants to bring new joy and purpose to them. I would also say the WayForward family is amazing and will work hard to make sure there is no reason to say no. It will be full of life change and the refreshment which we all need.